About Us

Company Profile

Founded in 2004, Kunshan Feiya Precision moulding Co., Ltd. Feiya started with 3 million funds, and so far, the annual production value of plastic injection is 30 million, and the annual production value of metal stamping is 20 million. Feiya and Feixiong have more than 103 employees at present.
Feiya product range contains: telecommunication, automotive, industrial connectors , and precision medical equipments.
In Nov 2008, For better systematic quality management, Feiya passed ISO9001:2008 .
Feiya can provide stamping tool, injection mold design, processing to assembly service. (The mould spare parts tolerance be within +/-0.001mm)

Products Application

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Successful cases: Safety air bag plastic cover, connectors, copper bars, terminals, connectors, etc.

new energy

New Energy
Success stories: Electrical connectors, terminals, adapters, etc.


Success stories: Industrial connectors, relays, terminals, electronic housings, PCB products, etc.


Electronic Communication
Successful cases: Computer interconnection products and precision components, communication interconnection products and precision components, consumer electronics.


Medical Therapy
Successful cases: Electric stapler, blood vessel suture device, B-ultrasound instrument, cerebrovascular intervention equipment, etc.

Business Timeline


Feiya precision mold company was established

Mainly engaged in the whole set of mold development and mold parts processing.


Feixiong electronic Technology company was established

Mainly engaged in injection molding parts and metal parts production and foundry services.


Establishment of the Department of International Trade

Feiya and Feixiong's products went abroad and began to sell overseas.


More than 1000 customers have been served

By December 2022, the company has served more than 1,000 customers, and we will aim to serve 10,000 customers in the future.

Core Values

√ More than 18 years of industry experience, Tool designers and machinists have more than 10 years of professional experience.
Professional tool solutions are provided to our customers from home and abroad according to the standard of DIN, HASCO, MEUSBURGR, FUTABA and MISUMI.

√ High-end machining equipment, tool parts tolerance achieve ±0.001mm

√ Integration servers from products optimization, high precision tool design, fabrication, mass production and assembly